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by mariachamack

Watch Spring Breakers Online Free Putlocker A highly stylized art film that brutally (and, at times, brilliantly) sends up a society and (pop) culture that enables and enhances all the things it claims to bemoan

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Watch Spring breakers free putlocker, Here’s the setup: Faith (Gomez), Brit (Benson), Candy (Hudgens), and Cotty (Korine) are in college, bored as hell, and ready to take off for a soberless week of fun in the sun – SPRING BREAAAAK. But here lies a big, big problem: they’re four very broke college girls. To get to the place where inebriated dreams come to true, they need a lot of cash

watch spring breakers free putlockerWatch Spring Breakers Online The next two characters, who happen to be played by the hottest actresses Spring Breakers showcases (in my opinion, hoot hoot), were also the characters I wanted to know more about. These characters being Candy, played by a ballsy Vanessa Hudgens; and Brit, another ballsy performance, this time from Ashley Benson. Candy and Brit are the ones who stick around till the end- the daring, sexy, and stupid in various ways, party-girls who stick around till things get ugly. But Korine’s film is very unspecified the way the audience perceives the character’s fates, which isn’t a mistake, but rather a premeditated style. It’s my belief that Korine wants us to dwell on his characters, and imagine what paths their lives may take after the events of spring break. It is evident they learn from the experience, but we can only speculate as to what they might do once they get home. It’s a good thing I love to speculate.

Watch Spring Breakers Free Putlocker I can’t end this review without talking about James Franco, especially after claiming, rightfully, that he was miscast in “Oz the Great and Powerful.” Spring Breakers is why Franco is a star. He completely immerses himself in this role, playing a drug-dealing “wangsta” type who calls himself “Alien” and claims he’s from another planet. At times he’s downright hilarious, going from playing with his machine guns like they’re matchbox cars- to playing a Britney Spears ballad on the piano. That sentence alone should buy your ticket for Spring Breakers. He’s covered in tattoos, wears an epic pair of shades, and has a grill even Lil Wayne would be jealous of. Alien isn’t a character of much depth, but there’s a moment or two when vulnerability can be seen even in him. Watch closely. Despite this, for the most part, Franco is a plot-bulider as well as comic relief, and he fits in perfectly.

Spring Breakers has a very easy hook, by providing us with the image of young college girls in bikinis, wearing ski masks. The high concept phrasing is just as simple: a group of college girls rob a store in order to fund their spring break. The cast consists of young girls, best known for their family friendly image, which is done very intentionally, as I find it key to note that the film is sly and satirical in what it’s depicting. The film is also very aggressive in terms of its filmmaking style, but in a way that makes for a hypnotic viewing experience, regardless of how much I enjoyed the film. Spring Breakers presents a barrage of boobs, butts, sex, drugs, and criminal activities, but beneath its colorful and explicit surface, I found a film with a thesis that I would consider fascinating.Watch Spring Breakers online free Putlocker